Our Difference - RX Concepts
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Our Difference


 Small footprint, large impact

Our pharmacies are tailored to serve the clinics they are in. Rx Concepts handles the complete planning, renovation and set up of new pharmacies embedded in specialty clinics. We will handle all aspects of pharmacy operations, including the management of pharmacy personnel.


The Difference

  • No hold/wait time to talk with pharmacy personnel
  • Prior authorization expertise by specialty
  • No OTC products
  • Pharmacy hours the same as your clinic
  • Discount programs for uninsured patients


RX Concepts pharmacies are independently insured, which ensures that clinics will not have any extra liability by having a pharmacy in their practice. To further reduce any potential risk, we’re also willing to completely eliminate opiate pain relievers from our inventory at the prescriber’s request if that will offer peace of mind.  We started this business because we saw a need for increasing the likelihood of medication adherence. We are helping patients stay on their medication regimen by making it as convenient and affordable as possible for them to fill their prescriptions. Our pharmacy is always available to the clinics’ staff and patients, since we set our hours to coincide with the practices;. We can also fill any additional prescriptions that the patients have from other physicians.


Co-ownership agreements can be created if you’re interested in sharing the equity interest in our on-site pharmacy, or we can just pay you for our presence in your practice. Let us help make your clinic’s processes more convenient for your staff and patients while generating revenue for your clinic.


Our Vision

Rx Concepts will be a leader in the provision of innovative and unique pharmacy services developed to meet the growing needs of the patient, healthcare provider and the community.  We will be the provider of choice for those who desire to offer the ultimate convenience for patients, improve patient education, increase medication adherence and decrease adverse drug reactions.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide pharmaceutical care in the promotion of health improvement and wellness while efficiently managing healthcare system resources.

Our Team


Donald A. Jordan– Owner, Doctor of Pharmacy

Donald Jordan graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 2003 with his Doctorate of Pharmacy degree (PharmD.) He has worked for both a large pharmacy retailer and a large community mental health center. He has extensive knowledge in pharmacy operations, inventory management, outpatient clinic operation and talent acquisition. He is currently responsible for medication purchasing, inventory management, third party contracting and talent acquisition at Rx Concepts.


 Edward R. Obana-Owner, Business Development

Edward Obana graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with his Masters Degree in Mental Health in 1990. He has 25 years of experience in the healthcare field, including 13 years of healthcare management and business ownership. He is currently responsible for business operations at Rx Concepts.

Our Promise


  • Exceed the expectations of a great work environment
  • Strive to satisfy both our internal and external customers
  • Be fully engaged in the creation of a culture that promotes success
  • Foster a culture of community and connectedness through supervision, guidance and feedback
  • Be forward-thinking, progressive and innovative in our business practices
  • Encourage growth
  • Maximize our value while sustaining the future of company growth