What We Do - RX Concepts
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What We Do


At Rx Concepts we work closely with specialty practices to set up custom pharmacies into their clinics. We handle all the costs and responsibilities of set up, renovation, staffing and ongoing management of the pharmacies. Our team only needs 125 sq. ft. to set up an in-house pharmacy, but space requirements vary by state. We can have the pharmacy open in approximately 90-120 days.


How we’re here for your practice:

  • Pharmacy personnel focused on your specialty practice
  • No hold/wait time to talk with pharmacy personnel
  • Prior authorization expertise by specialty
  • No OTC or ancillary products, which means minimal space and less distracted pharmacy personnel
  • Pharmacy hours the same as the clinic
  • Generate additional revenue


How we’re here for your patients:

  • Discount programs for uninsured patients
  • Competitive prices
  • Text and Email notifications
  • Delivery options available
  • Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances accepted
  • In-depth prescription consultations


Visit our FAQ page for more information.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone or email.